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Re: COSIGN: service name policies?

On Thu, 25 Mar 2004, Jim Zajkowski wrote:

> > Other approaches?
> We've named ours (where necessary) lsi-something, like lsi-nagios,
> lsi-intranet, etc.

I think the "cosign-" at the start of each service name is unnecessary
filler.  We've been naming cosign services similar to how LSI has,
but I'd rather than having a lot of domain info, I've been envisioning
"UNIT-SERVICE".  For example lsa-footprints (for a College-run service)
math-www (for, math-instruct or math-egrade
(for, which runs the eGrade software), etc.
I think this is easier than cosign-instruct.math.lsa (assuming that
serice names won't be used for anything other than cosign services
and that there is only one Math department at the UofM, of course).

                Mark Montague
                LS&A Information Technology

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